Personal information

  First name(s)/Surname(s) 
  Wiesław  Aleksander OLESZEK

  Nationality    Polish
  Date of birth    February 27, 1948  

 Contact information
  Telephone:    48 81 4786 700 or 48 81 4786 800
  Fax:  48 81 4786 900

Principal subjects

Isolation, purification, structural and quantitative determination of natural products (saponins, phenolics, glycoalkaloids, glucosinolates, resorcinols, cyanogenic glucosides); Biological activity of natural products; Natural antioxidants and anticancerogens, nutraceuticals; Chemical ecology;Plant-plant and plant-microorganism interactions; Allelopathy; Post harvest quality of agricultural products; Biosynthesis of natural products.

Zodiacal sign: Pisces
Color Charm: Orange
Plant Totem: Corn
Animal Totem: Lemur
Animal (Chinese Totem) Rat
Stone Charm: Beryl

Marital status
Married since 1973, wife Ewa - school teacher (Physicist)
Two daughters: Małgorzata (1975) - chemist,   Magdalena (1977) - medical doctor

Bee-keeping, gardening
First price winner in the competition for nicest flower garden organized by village Stezyca Society, 1999.