Album of Nicotiana species
Authors: Teresa Doroszewska, Anna Depta, Anna Czubacka

The book edited by Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation - State Research Institute in Puławy contains 370 pages. This is the first album about Nicotiana species written in Polish and English. The subject matter for the compilation was provided by the items of the collection that has been maintained at the Institute in Puławy for more than 80 years. The present collection of the genus Nicotiana at the Institute of Soils Science and Plant Cultivation-State Research Institute is one of the world's largest and comprises more than 1,000 accessions, including ....

    New tobacco varieties

The on-going tobacco breeding programme at IUNG focuses mainly on flue-cured (Virginia) tobacco but considerable attention is also given to Burley and dark-air cured tobacco. In the last decade, an array of new Virginia varieties have been developed and released to farmers. What those varieties have in common is that all of them are cytoplasmically sterile hybrids, and all have resistance to black root rot caused by the ubiquitous soil fungus Chalara elegans. The resistance to black root combined with improved curing and leaf quality characteristics was the main factor behind the success of the new varieties with farmers and tobacco leaf merchants in Poland.

    Polish hop cultivars
Author: Urszula Skomra

Polish hop cultivars edited by Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation in Pulawy, Poland presents the output of Polish hop breeders and up-to-date list of hop cultivars available on market. The book contains detailed descriptions of the hop cultivars that are actually grown in Poland or are protected by breeders� exclusive rights. The description of each cultivar includes ...

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