ZESZYT Nr  1/ 2009    Abstrakty
      Volume No. 1/2009     Abstracts


1. Production and allocation of biomass and radiation use efficiency in four clones of Salix viminalis L. – R. Borek .

In this paper are presented results of experiments with willow clones in IUNG-PIB in Poland at the Osiny Experimental Station and at the Grabów Experimental Station, as well as
clonal variability of basal biometric parameters of willow forms selected for cultivation.  Dry matter allocation and its sun radiation effi ciency were discussed. Number of stems per stool, shoot diameter, shoot height and leaf area index were studied.

 The highest yields were recorded in 2004 and the lowest in 2006. Signifi cantly higher number of stems per stool was found for clone 1054 at Osiny. The greatest share of shoots in the biomass was found in clones 1023 and 1054. Solar radiation use effi ciency by the willow was comparable to the values reported in the literature.

key words:  willow,  Salix viminalis, clones, production of biomass, dry matter allocation,  radiation use effi ciency