ZESZYT Nr  1 / 2009  
     Volume No. 1/2009 

  1. Production and allocation of biomass and radiation use efficiency in four clones of Salix viminalis L. – R. Borek       abstract...    Pełny tekst/Full text
  2. Possibilities of weed control in spring cereals by herbicides applied at reduced rates – K. Domaradzki, R. Kieloch            abstract...          Pełny tekst/Full text
  3. Renewable energy multipurpose system for farmers (RAMseS) – An Environmental, technical and Economic Assessment with a Comparison with a Conventional Thermodynamic Vehicle – T. El Asmar, U. Bardi, J. Karłowski                                abstract...                Pełny tekst/Full text
  4. Agro-ecological assessment of the vegetation cover of Poland’s soils – A. Harasim   abstract...        Pełny tekst/Full text
  5. The regional differentiation of legumes cropping area in Poland between 2001 and 2007 – J. Księżak, M. Staniak, J. Bojarszczuk    abstract...      Pełny tekst/Full text
  6. Influence of adjuvants on behavior of phenmedipham in plant and soil – M. Kucharski,J. Sadowski           abstract...     Pełny tekst/Full text
  7. Effect of propionic and formic acid mixtures on the fermentation, fungi development and aerobic stability of maize silage – M. Selwet            abstract...   Pełny tekst/Full text
  8. Cross-compliance as an element of social responsibility in agriculture – E. Stawicka    abstract...    Pełny tekst/Full text
  9. An implementation of environmental databases for physical modeling of water balance and land degradation – T. Stuczyński, A. Łopatka, B. Zawadzka, G. Siebielec       abstract...      Pełny tekst/Full text
  10. Resistance to black root rot (Chalara elegans Nag. Raj and Kendrick) and some growth characteristics in doubled haploid derivatives of the F1 hybrid of tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) – A. Trojak-Goluch, A. Berbeć   abstract...    Pełny tekst/Full text
  11. The economic effectiveness of early potato production depending on the kind of cover – W. Wadas, M. Sawicki          abstract...    Pełny tekst/Full text